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[I feel pretty accomplished atm; my missing assignments are almost complete and I have whipped up some replies that were due awhile back…((my bad, you guys /-\))

I also have no school this Friday, so, that should be enough time to fix up my blog by adding: updated relationships page, about page, da rules…other… blog ..stuff. In other words, I’m going to dust off the cob webs because I’m tired of my blog’s blandness.

—besides the ongoing threads, I’m free for any type of thread ((para, dialogue, etc.)) & I have an open I’m currently planning if anyone is interested…]






mean moves

I’m totally into it.
I’ll admit, I’m kinda wondering what the applicative capacity is; same time, pretty sick.

Applicative capacity: being a superhero.

applicative capacity: The apocalypse.

Applicative Capacity: The Hunger Games

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"Heh. I hate to break it to ya, but I have the upper hand in both volume and speed. Even if we were the same size, you can’t beat my years of experience competing against three hungry brothers."


"But what the heck — if you’re determined to lose, I’ll humour you.”

Keep stepping on my toes and I’ll show you what real humor is"


“Do I hear a challenge, Sir Volumes-a lot? Because if it’s a ticket to getting ya’ butt whooped you desire I’d be more than happy to oblige.”
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