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Chapter “Tortoiseshell" of "Falling" by fantasiawandering

part 1

OH YES! I WANTED THIS FIGHT AND IT HAPPEND! all my soul within me is burning!! so many anger and insanity in this pic o.O

it’s the best cut version of this comic.

flat grey frames = flashback

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P.S.  sorry, author! as i tried to put glasses on her i couldn’t



                     ”I’ll take it.

                                          The only big head we got on
                                          our side of town ‘s Donnie.”


          ❝ Yeah, well, we got
          ourselves one of those too.

                                  I guess you can say it’s a
                                 'best of both worlds' kinda thing—
                                           or, uh, universe.

Hello September!


       Can’t. Stop. Coughin g. H al p.


       Um. Yeah. Hello. Government.
          Is it illegal to be coughing
        this much because, seriously,
              if you hear me, you’d
          understand why it should.


The Wind


I wish to make my life
Something carved in marble
My goals living inside a stone
That lasts for centuries
As they pass
I wish my voice was dipped in gold
So what I say could remain on Earth
Long after I have left
I dream of leaving my footprints
In something more than sand
That will be washed away
As the tide rolls in

But maybe it’s not meant to be
Maybe we’re all only here temporarily
And maybe that’s how it should be
Like the time it takes for the sun to set
Maybe that’s the point of it all
To live in the moment
Rather than the what ifs
To live in the now
Rather than tomorrow
And all the days that come next

Maybe we wish to be as permanent as the Earth’s core
But isn’t it more beautiful to be the wind?
Only in a place for a moment
Then on to the next
Not weighed down and under pressure
But rather free to float through the heavens
The core may be permanent
But it’s a hell of a life
To feel the pressure
And the literal weight of the world
Maybe it’s nicer to fly through the sky
Waving a quick hello and goodbye
And embrace the beauty of our short time here
Before we are free to carry on.

Original Work: KH 8/30/14

       Can’t. Stop. Coughin g. H al p.


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                    "I’m better lookin’ than that other one, right?"


           ❝ Mmm.
        We’re talking size-wise?
       If so, then; your head isn’t
         as abnormally large. ❞


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