"Hey, I thought they were pretty punny.” 


"Do you think the Footbots are capable of mercy? Now get up, princess, let’s go one more round, and this time I won’t hit you in your poor back. Then maybe afterwards I’ll let you pick what we do next.” 

—— Augh.

Here she thought synchronized “partnerships”
will be the death of her, but clearly the witticism
surpassed as second best; the royal salver
acquainted with the skillful four who cease to
fight fair. At least sparring Karai made the game
less of a nuisance— if only she didn’t hit so hard.
Then again, Splinter had mentioned how stretching
one’s limits can be resourceful in future encounters,
so the march continued.

At command, April pushed her annoyance to
the side as she bounced in push-up position,
biceps tensed and throbbed sore at the pressure
of her upbringing. Alas, she rose on her feet and
threw her hands to the air, indicating her obedience.


I’m standing, I’m standing, ❞ she mimics, leisurely
squaring herself in the ring. ❝ We both agreed on this
remember ? Plus, I never said I was quitting. Now do
us both a favor: and spare the preaching. ❞

children, #2


when you were 4,
fear no longer kept you
from the water’s line. you dug
your feet in firmly, as if stepping
on a leash. but the ocean
would not be beached. it reared,
bared its frothy teeth, and broke
upon you.

you laughing,


On Air O’Neil by Inked-Alpha


these teenage brothAAAAAS

Wait outside like some stupid sidekick? I don't think so.
You crave the deepest connections with others, but you don’t trust to let anyone in. —(Via. -ecstasiy)


Haven’t posted any art in awhile so… I’m still testing new brushes and what uses they’re most strong in. I used the blur brush for this one, and I like the effect it did on the armor i was too lazy to find a reference so it’s off. But it was still fun to draw aside of the complications. ^^

Anonymous: What do you remember about your mother?

    —— Her mother?

  That’s… peculiar…

  Not to mention sudden, enough to X-out the preferred respectful approach from its very existence.

  The personal intrusion settled her for a minor set back, her posture evolving to defense: knees bent, back straight, and arms shielding her center. Add the traditional teeth grit and weapon of choice, and let the fury unleash. Of course, that reaction was absurd and highly inappropriate, no matter what direction this conversation may head. But what topped this dessert, was how a mere stranger managed to flip her positive demeanor upside down to grill. Then, so, pressed by a broiling hot spatula against a sizzling platter; not including he/or she gave it uncountable strikings in advance. To finish, swinging left overs at the hunger as their main course. To clarify: April’s mood legitimately dropped from a rate of Mikey; when pulling up the ShellRaizer full of gyoza, to Raph; when someone beats him to his beanbag chair. hostility moody, hiding the hurt when returning to a flat bag, only a puff of bean to be present. That’s how crushed this question made her multiplied by infinity.

  Although she wasn’t in the most pleasant of moods, her mother as subject wasn’t in the slightest the origin of her discomfort. She loved her mom, truly. It’s just… hard to puzzle a full blown memory with little to no remembrance to grasp. (That, or she’d rather not speak of it because of the large impact her death had on her life.) There’s stories of how humorous and caring the family claimed her to be; pictures and videos to adore — they resemble memoirs in film-form. Yet they held a treasure-possession to April’s soul. Those tales and snips replay in her head, thoughts corrupted by others’ nostalgia. The likelihood of having a mother infiltrates her mindset, thoughts on the opportunities that await. What life would be if she had someone to nourish her and sooth her father when work is stressing. To have someone to lean on, trust, and even take to the mother-daughter dance April had desired. The potential to have a mother and live a normal life, so close yet so far. Which isn’t necessarily a bad thing.

  She has a father who took both parental roles for the likes of the future. The guys became her shell, protectors, her family. Splinter showed her guidance through his unquestionable wisdom through tragic experience. And as much as she’d hate to admit, even Karai taught her a life lesson: sometimes, you have to stand up and separate oneself from their past struggles. Know that vengeance is not the answer. The only object blinding her from the blessing in front of her, is the melancholy. She had to move beyond that…

   It was time. Time to realize how lucky she was and accept the outcomes because there’s no turning back. No longer was she afraid, or remembers why she was in the first place. Time to share the longing and fearing truth she’d ever let loose.

   April opened, her arms lowering, relaxation taking full control as her shoulders became limp. Normally April would respond in snarky/defensive tones, if her mother’s name had been thrown on a rock, but the stranger meant no harm. So nstead, she was sincere and honest toward her response, taking a minute of stutters until she could barf out the simplest explanation she could give her parent. “She was…” A breath as she gave her bangs a fingered brush, gently twirling red strands behind her right ear, rethinking the description in mind.


   If there was a word — any word — to describe someone so amazing, yet hard to keep at home, so distant, other world even, it’d be: “…Beautiful.”


Zero motivation to do anything today. Except sketch.


"Would you still love me if I looked like this."


"Hm. Depends.
Would you still love me if I looked like this?”


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